Innovative Products

We, at Media Nucleus, continuously monitor evolving global trends in media convergence and accordingly launch and adapt products to fit the needs of the changing landscape. Our consultative approach to understanding customer problems and resolving them with innovative and effective solutions has made Media Nucleus a trendsetter. This has been evident since our first product launch. Our Billing and CRM products for the digital cable market (CAMS) and broadband market (BBS) are the leading products for pay TV and broadband in emerging economies of South East Asia and Africa and gaining steady ground in Middle East, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe and South East Asia. We have migrated this product into SAS and PAS platforms.

Our product enables broadcasters and platforms to retain viewers and not lose them to the non-TV screens and thus maximise their revenues even as viewers watch content in multiple screens. We were the first in India to launch this product. We constantly add to the depth and breadth of our solutions to include further functionalities to help customers be more productive and deliver more to their stakeholders. This approach has led us to develop solutions like the Operation Support Systems, which integrates seamlessly with the Billing and CRM systems to create an enviable B/OSS solution that fulfils all needs of a broadband operator.

Cost Effective Solutions

We firmly believe that technology solutions are imperative for the growth of the media and entertainment ecosystem in the emerging markets globally, provided the pricing is optimal and linked to market growth. This is one of our greatest strengths. Media Nucleus growth is directly proportional to the success of its clients and that of the entire market ecosystem. This is especially true in the rollout of the digitalisation cable systems in India and in Africa.