Promoter and Director

Bhaskar Majumdar

Bhaskar, a well-known media entrepreneur and investor, has over two decades of experience in technology and media companies, at large corporations as well as start-ups across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

As Chairman of Heath Ventures (, an early stage investment vehicle, he uses his unique mix of operational experience in TMT sector and in financial services, to invest into a number of early stage businesses, some of which he has led to successful exits. His entrepreneurial career started in 2001 when he launched Recreate Solutions, a convergence media services company with support from institutional venture capital funding. In Recreate Solutions, he had built a team of over 300 technologists across Americas, Europe and India in a niche sector of the broadcast industry and successfully exited the business in 2006. Prior to establishing Recreate Solutions he was the Chief Operating Officer of Altavista's European broadband arm based in London. Earlier, Bhaskar served as Managing Director of International Operations, with Zee Network, the leading Asian Television Network in the world and was responsible for rolling out Zee TV globally across UK, US and Africa. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and has attended the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. Bhaskar sits on the board of a number of technology businesses in the UK and is an Advisor to the British Government on early stage technology investments.

In Media Nucleus, aside from investment he provides strategic leadership on scaling the business up to become a leading global technology provider within the broadcast and triple-play market.

Co-Founder and Director

Santosh Nair

Santosh is a co-founder of Media Nucleus and leads the Indian operations. He has been instrumental in establishing Media Nucleus as a leader in the Indian broadcast and cable market and providing a launch pad for the company to achieve its global ambitions.

A media industry veteran, Santosh has over fifteen years of rich and varied experiences in broadcast, software technology and management ranging from software development, to project management to running the operations of large broadcasters. Before Media Nucleus, Santosh was a Project Director with Recreate Solutions, a leading global provider in interactive Television and Mobile Gaming.

Prior to that he headed Zee Television’s Technology division and was critical in rolling out broadcast technology solutions globally - many of which are still being used by broadcasters even after a decade of their launch. He is a B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from Mumbai University.

Co-Founder and Director

Rajiv Tomer

Rajiv is a co-founder and head of development and delivery at Media Nucleus. He is responsible for defining and implementing development strategies and rolling out of the company's products to clients globally.

He has been instrumental in establishing Media Nucleus as an innovative product company of choice for leading broadcasters and cable operators across various international markets.

Another media veteran with over 15 years of experience, Rajiv is respected and recognised as a leading technologist in the Broadcast and Media industry. Prior to Media Nucleus, Rajiv led the Digital Media Team at Recreate Solutions, a global leading provider in Interactive Television and Mobile Gaming. Rajiv graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and his passion is wild life photography.